The Seventh Sense: Flips reveals his most daunting secret

Here’s a new episode of «Flip, Noodle and Nut», a web comic by redhotmustang. (Actually it’s the first one here on the website, but who cares?) These three fellows are real, they live in my mind and I can hear them speaking everytime I use the toilet for #2. And sometimes, in those dark nights of full moon, during #1 too.

Flip finally comes forward and reveals to Noodle and Nut one of his most daunting secrets. He has a seventh sense. Something that will make you shiver in fear. Noodle and Nut listen what Flip tells them and suddenly their wonder world falls apart.

Flip’s Most Daunting Secret Is Revealed

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The Seventh Sense: Flip reveals his most daunting secret