Illustrating a Funny Looking Infographic about Feet and What They Reveal About You

It’s been long since I last posted here on the Redhotmustang blog, but here I am again!

I’ve been incredibly busy with other projects on the past few months but I still had a few opportunities to do some drawings while I was away.

In fact, not so long ago, I had the need to create an infographic for one of those projects. The thing is I really didn’t have that much time to create its entire design. So I decided to ask someone else to take care of that for me, after doing the necessary research for the infographic’s bullet points. As for the illustrations I quickly drew them myself.

The infographic’s title is “10 Amazing Secrets Your Feet Actually Reveal About You”. It’s a funny and great looking (allow me to brag a bit about it, please) piece of content about how different foot and toe shapes can tell a lot about who we are.

It was originally published on the Health Listed website and it has already generated hundreds of social shares.

Ok, without further ado, here is my infographic!

10 Amazing Secrets Your Feet Actually Reveal About You

10 Amazing Secrets Your Feet Actually Reveal About You

I think my drawings of the different feet and toes look really nice. It’s true that some are more cartoon-like and others not quite but overall I think my work is acceptable, at least.

What do You Think

What’s your opinion about the outcome of this quick little project of mine?
Do you like it or not? What else could I have improved?

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